It’s about a 3 minute read, so make sure you go check out this great opinion article on from Liz Ryan.

It’s always flattering when you see someone unrelated putting out the same arguments you’ve been making in your own writing, and Ms. Ryan does just that. It’s important to acknowledge that if companies want to insist on employees coming back into the office, they need to provide incentives. If they refuse, it’s rather likely those same workers will find a different place that’s more accommodating to their preferred way of working. Fully remote, hybrid with some remote–it doesn’t matter. To demand onsite 4 or 5 days a week is not going to fly with a lot of workers.

To say you want your people in the office because of the optics, or just because you prefer it, is fine. It may not fly with your workers. Some may choose to go elsewhere. However, it’d be far preferable not to lie to your employees about your reasons. Don’t talk about culture, collaboration, creativity, teamwork, or some other buzzwords. Just acknowledge why, and treat your workforce with the respect and honesty they deserve.