Remote work is not a moment, it’s a movement.

Would you rather spend your money on an office, or on something that makes money?

Book cover for Rise of the Remote Worker by Morgan Reed

At its heart, remote work is about a great many things. For many who’ve started or run a business, they see it as an employee perk. In reality, it’s just as much (if not more) about the business. Remote-first businesses mean:

  • Less overhead
  • More flexibility on location, including the ability to easily change markets
  • Smaller rent payments
  • No relocation expenses
  • No requirements for inflated wages to support workers in expensive cities
  • Greater ability to hire the best workers with less hassle and spend
  • More money to spend on salaries and necessary expenses

And that’s just the beginning. Come in, read the latest news in remote work, some opinions from our writers, and connect with our resources if you’re interested in furthering your remote journey.