Jetpack is one of the more popular WP plugins, designed to improve functionality and bolster website security. The following three modules are ranked as important to multiple reviewers and are a big part of why users keep using and recommending this tool.

  1. Site Stats. Designed to give detailed numbers about site traffic and visitor engagement, it tallies the number of visits, page views, post performance, and referral sources. This allows you to analyze data for better site optimization and improve the user experience. By understanding your audience and visitor sources, you can improve marketing and demographic targeting.
  2. Related Posts. By helping to display relevant content, you can encourage visitors to explore more of your website. Increased engagement means more time spent on your site, better SEO, and improved appearance and customizations.
  3. Security. Website security is no longer just the domain of major sites. Jetpack provides a Brute Force protection by implementing complex password requirements, and locking out repeated access attempts. The module regularly scans for vulnerabilities and malware, with quick notification and quarantine options. Finally, it alerts you if your site goes down, ensuring a protection for your business.